Haval Dosky

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Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky is the cofounder of one of IT industry’s most successful companies. Repeat Consultants provides workforce IT solutions to a wide variety of clients, from local shops to privately-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Haval Dosky is also an entrepreneur, and in that realm he specializes in growing companies through networking and executing on smart decisions in the mergers and acquisitions space.

One of the reasons Haval Dosky is so passionate about his work is that it provides him with the opportunity to give back. Repeat Consultants is proud to be able to provide charitable support in addition to the support they provide their clients. Haval Dosky believes that a successful society, just like a successful business, relies on everyone doing their part so the whole group can prosper.

This website serves as an outlet for Haval Dosky to highlight some of his favorite charities in order to promote further giving. For instance, the charity that Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants are most closely associated with is Chance for Life.

Chance for Life has helped raise more than $6.5 million for research for a cure for pediatric cancer. Chance For Life’s annual event in Washington D.C. is a concert and food experience unlike any other, and all the proceeds go directly to support childhood cancer research. The money specifically assists in funding clinical trials at Children’s National Health System and The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. People from across the nation gather for a great time, but more importantly, to give to an incredibly worthy cause.

Haval Dosky believes there are few things more worth fighting for than the health of the next generation. Nearly 16,000 American children experience cancer each year. Chance for Life’s prime objective is to ensure those children get a chance to live the full life they deserve. One of the things that makes the organization unique and truly sets it apart from many charities is that it has no overhead or administrative costs. Every single penny that is donated to the organization goes directly to desperately needed clinical research, ensuring the dollars given by donors have their maximum possible effect.

As a successful entrepreneur, Haval Dosky is also committed to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. He sees a little of himself in many young entrepreneurs and believes that entrepreneurship is the backbone of a healthy society. Therefore, in addition to his charitable efforts, Haval Dosky also plans to use this website to offer insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. These tips will include everything from how to identify an unmet need in the marketplace and how to maintain growth in an unpredictable economy.

If you are already a successful entrepreneur looking for ideas for charitable giving or how to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, or if you happen to be a young entrepreneur looking to learn more, be sure to check back often for the latest blog posts spotlighting worthy causes and offering advice to those looking to enjoy sustained success.